Foreclosure halt by banks was an illusion

See more on the story at this link: Banks continue to sell stories as PR engine sputters.  It is clear the banks have no shame when it comes to making up stories to float to the press.  Remember the foreclosure halt last month?  Well it only led to 35000 more households entering into foreclosure so evidently the banks think that cutting the numbers down to 1/3 is equivalent to a complete moratorium. 

_There were fresh reports on Wednesday that the foreclosure situation was deteriorating. Another 35,000 households entered foreclosure in October, the data company Lender Processing Service said, despite freezes instituted by lenders as they reviewed their practices. About 4.3 million households are either in serious default or in foreclosure.
The housing market also showed fresh signs of trouble. CoreLogic, a data company, said Wednesday that home prices fell 2.8 percent in the last year. Earlier this week, another information company, DataQuick, said sales in the Southern California market had dropped 24 percent in October from last year. _