financial reality Review of the Article by k. Galbreath

Obama still has no idea what is going on with the economy and the banks.........He is a deer in the headlights and it is really showing now......He thought charisma could change the world. A smile, hand shake, a few "inspirational" speeches and the world would see him as the second coming......

He is a fraud. He might be a decent person, who knows, but his naiveté has made him look more like a fool than a leader. The banks will b-slap him again soon when they come asking for more accounting changes or a free pass regarding the fraud and robo signing. No one in Washington had the sense to hold the banks accountable when they came with their hands out, and they appear to be just as self serving today. Money rules Washington and banks rule money, no one rules the banks.

I still can’t believe how the banks are getting away Scot-free.

This article points out the missed opportunity to get Wall Street collared and allow hard working Americans the opportunity to have faith in the banking system. My opinion is that we have nearly destroyed the American dream for a generation by allowing Wall Street to ruin the one thing left for the little guy.

Owning a home was a way to help many people with no retirement. It gave the working man a chance to live a little easier after they had spent 30 or 40 years on the job.

We are no closer to a rebound in real estate than we were 3 years ago. The momentum is still gaining speed downward. Anyone who bit the hook earlier this year to buy a home still stands a very substantial chance of seeing prices drop well beyond the amount of their note.

Turning the banks over to the FDIC would have been a good start but likely that would have seen little result once the politicians realized their meal ticket might be taken from them. But the opportunity has passed us by and unless someone find the fortitude to do the right thing for the American people.