List of housing industry related jobs from finanical reality revisited

Housing Industry related jobs (see related articles here) (buy Econned by Yves Smith here)
  • Real estate sales people,
  • Real estate sales managers
  •  Their secretaries and assistants
  • The sign companies that employ many people
  • The title companies
  • With escrow and closing agents  
  • Their assistants and secretaries
  •  All the curriers used in the business of buying and selling real estate
  • The mortgage bankers,   
  • Their processors, assistants and secretaries,
  • The mortgage office managers, trainers and recruiters.
The jobs lost have lead to an extreme loss of capital in the economy. This loss is very large even without considering the interest that is generated on all the loans taken out and paid back by people that have gainful employment.
  • Home inspectors and their employee
  • Appraisers, assistances and secretaries
  • Software makers for appraisal and mortgage business
  • Decrease in sales financial software and financial calculators
  • Less business for companies that supply paper, copies, business cards, brochures, pamphlets etc.
  • Less need for janitors and cleaning crews and their employees.
The list is endless.
  • Now consider new construction.
  • The roofers
  •  The tile setters
  •  The plumbers
  •  The electricians
  •  The masons
  •  The inspectors
  •  The sales people
  •  The foremen
  • The company managers
  •  The lumber industry drop in demand
  •  Concrete and aggregate companies
  •  The decrease in gasoline due to less delivery trucks for lumber and concrete
  •  Fewer drivers needed to haul products
  •  Less heavy equipment operators to clear the land
  • Less survey crews and companies
  • Less need for landscapers,
  • Painters
  •  Dry wall installers, tapers and mudders
  •  Less need for paint from the large paint companies,
  • Less need for equipment such as paint sprayers, drills, hammers, nails, buckets, screw drivers etc....  

The extreme use of leverage while creating, then selling these Cod’s put all of these jobs at risk. The regulators were a sleep at the wheel. I am not sure if it was because they were trying to be free market capitalist by staying out of the mix or if they were just derelict in their duties.

I can give my own speculative answer to the first question by saying this: What type of free market system lets the population be pillaged by the financial sector letting them fend for themselves? If that wasn't enough to get my point across consider that they then took gasoline and poured it directly on the flame by handing of trillions of dollars to the very people responsible for bringing the economy to the brink of disaster.

 If you are not angry yet, and trust me you should be. You have likely been brainwashed by the (MSN) main stream media and the TBTF (too big to fail) banks.

And if you are not angry enough to stand up for what is right in our country we soon will be officially turned into a bank state. Actually we already are run by the banks of course, any doubts that this was true have been completely vaporized by the recent events leading to and then proceeding the crisis.

It was as if someone was running around the outside of your home pouring gasoline on the foundation, walls, trees and grass, as their partner followed along with match sticks smoking cigarettes.