Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Quelle Surprise! Consumer Confidence Falls on Oil Prices, Housing, Job Outlook « naked capitalism

cyberswim: we love curvesQuelle Surprise! Consumer Confidence Falls on Oil Prices, Housing, Job Outlook « naked capitalism Big Surprise today as consumer confidence falls along with housing prices. But wait haven't we heard all the economist, commentators, anyone in the government and all the bankers saying we are on our way to recovery? What is wrong with these people!!!

Actually, nothing is wrong with those people because it is the rest of us that seem to like the bull shit they are feeding everyone. It is as if the American public has chosen to bury its head in the sand and let take over government. The specific duties of the federal government is now set by the major banks and their lobbyist's.

The middle class of American has been screwed royally by our current "free market" system that is only a free market if the banks are making billions of dollars and funneling billions more to buy off congress. Once the banks stop making profits again, as they have been since the government bailout, and the washing out of smaller entities, the record low interest rates that allow for money to be made on nearly anything, start to fade, it will be more urgent that the economy and along with it the middle class, be brought back to life. The so called free market system is set up now to serve the banks and the government and to have everyone else follow along as if they were rats behind the Pied Piper. Of course all the followers are being lead to the financial cliff of doom.

The Middle Class are being treated as second class citizens by the government and their banking dictators. Why are people putting up with such anti-American, anti-freedom and anti-middle class sentiment as we are witnessing?

Did we see any major bank CEO's or bank presidents suffering from these tragedy that has vaporized trillions of retirement money of the middle class? I can answer that easily by saying NO! Do you think any of those in power have lost their home, or been treated like they don't exist when they tried to get a mortgage modification? I doubt it. Do you think any of them had to displace their families, remove their children from their favorite school, or losing their health insurance?

We have seen just the contrary starting with friends of Mozillo to recent stories of how family members of government officials and the officials themselves have received special treatment and extraordinary consideration that showed extreme favoritism regarding home loans and modifications. We the people have lost control of our government and now we have lost control of the financial system that has been corrupted by the politicians, lobbyists and bankers.

The recent story in the may 26, 2011 issue of Rolling Stone revealing just how Goldman Sachs has turned into a criminal institution without a hint that they will be prosecuted for their egregious crimes is typical example the weakness of government. The corruption on Wall Street has turned the Federal Government into its own ATM.

We have heard so much about home owners using their home as an ATM and how terrible and short sighted it was but why aren't we hearing about how Goldman Sachs and the other Wall Street Players (by players I mean criminals) have used the American tax payer to bail them out of every problem they have had in the past 50 years. Complete BS.

I am not sure how politicians and the president can get up in front of people with a straight face and claim any different. Oh Wait! Of course they can because they are politicians. Their first interest is self preservation and once elected their main concern is re-election. They know how good they have it with million dollar expense accounts, paid apartments and stipends for travel and food. Also we can't forget to mention the best health care available to man at no cost to them.


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