Monday, June 6, 2011

Weiner comes clean or something to that effect

Anthony Weiner Comes Clean

After squirming through countless interviews trying to deny without lying, Weiner not only admits the photo in question was sent my him, but also that he has had several relationships through the Internet with other women as well. 
Whatever the guy does in his personal life is his personal life.  I am sure he is not the only politician who has done something like this in the past few years.  Other than the fact that he was cheating on his wife and they tried to cover up the truth, in this day and age pictures of 1/2 the population are online or exchanged between friends, including boyfriends and girlfriends etc. We live in a different world now and there is no assumption of privacy. The public service ads caution children to beware on line and to keep your identity a secret but maybe they should start doing the same commercials for adults.   Or we all need to get over the fact that if you are a public figure, and even if you are not, there are two new realities at play.  One is that if you have picture of yourself online someone else other than the person you want to see it is going to find it, whether you are in a swim suit or a birthday suit.  It doesn't have to be scandalous.  If someone felt strongly enough to send a friend a nude photo of themselves then good for them, it is their choice, their right and their body.  So What?  It is every one's personal choice.
I think it is more of a concern that a seemingly reasonable intelligent person would think that something of this nature would remain private in the extreme media microscope everyone lives under today.  Also trying to deny the reality of the photos isn't the behavior of a person who understood the consequences of their actions. And that  brings to question if someone who is either that naive or that arrogant and self absorbed can actually serve the public good. 

I would question his character and integrity going foreword for a number of reasons.  It seems as though politicians can get enamored with their own sense of power and they act out in many ways.  Weiner evidently thought it was OK to do these things even after he was married.  If he was single I wouldn't think it meant anything about his character or integrity but once he was married he needed to start acting like a husband or get a divorce. 

The next question has to be whether he has an addiction or compulsion related to sex.  If not he is guilty of adultery, lying, arrogance or naivete or just plain stupidity. 

There seems to be a "type" of person who seeks power and strives to become a politician.  The media culture and constant attention Congress has to deal with creates the illusion of all being ultra important and it tends to twist the mind of a person inclined to see power and fame.  The constant attention can turn over confidence into full blown arrogance or grandiosity.  I do not think it is any coincidence that we are seeing a continually increasing gap between the elite and the middle class.  Those seeking power tend to have one objective:  to keep the power they acquire as long as possible.  Until the country realizes how the government is no longer by the people and for the people, we will see more and more actions by politicians and corporate executives that will reveal greater and greater levels of arrogance, narcissism and self absorption. 

Weiner had two ways to put this behind him and lying about it wasn't one of them.  If it wasn't him in the photos he could have just said no its not me end of story. 
Or he could have said yes its me, I have sent photos like this many times and I will again because I don't think it is wrong end of story  of course if he was single. 

The fact that he is married made this inappropriate not the fact that he likes to send nude photos to his friends. 

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