Monday, July 18, 2011

Mystery Mortgage Economics - Readers' Comments -

This Article on mystery mortgage economics says a lot about the stupidity of those in power as they attempt to settle with the largest banks for their mortgage abuses. They seem to think there is a way to repossess homes of every single delinquent homeowner and get it done within a year and stop the decline of home prices. It is impossible and they are forgetting that the prices are still falling and more and more people are falling behind on payments or just deciding it has gone on too long and that they will never recovery from the negative equity situation if they stay in the home. Stupidity economics. It is clear that anyone who is making decisions regarding the housing crisis does not really understand economics, real estate or finance and has not common sense. Saving the banks was the biggest mistake that could have ever been made during the crisis. Every says the world would have collapsed and we would have nearly gone into a depression and it would be 5 to 10 years before we would recover. Oh wait a minute, that is what happened anyway. Read more on the housing crisis here. Mystery Mortgage Economics - Readers' Comments - Make big money in penny stocks today

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