Monday, October 22, 2012

Income Property Las Vegas: Income property and commercial financing

There are many things to consider when starting a venture into real estate investing.  Whether you are looking for real estate in Las Vegas or any state in the country, there are a few things anyone needs to understand before they begin.  One of the most important distinctions is the differences between residential financing and commercial financing.  Starting out with a 4 unit or less property will allow buyers to obtain favorable residential financing which most lenders have several options at their disposal. 
The game changes once you get to five units or more.  This type  of income property is considered commercial and commercial financing is necessary.  This can change the terms and the rates considerably and add substantial to your down payment costs.  It is also more difficult to qualify for 5 unit rental property if you have little or no experience in managing 4 unit or less real estate.  If you wish to jump right into the 5 unit and above real estate you will be best advised to look for seller financing.  If you have large down payment your search will go much easier but you can find ways around not having a bundle of cash.  It is not easy but it can be done.  It may take longer to find the right fit for you and the right property owner but motivates sellers are always out there waiting for the right buyer. 

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Income Property Las Vegas: Income property and commercial financing: If you are considering an investment in income property or a larger multi-unit property you need to have a sold business plan and strategy....

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