Friday, November 7, 2008

economy will be a challenge

Hello!!!!! the great speaker has lost his ability to orate without inserting and, um and ahs in between every other word. He is a robot, media creation, and he has no clue. He didn't have time to write and practice this speech over and over and he had to try and give some specific ideas that were of substance. I thought he looked like a deer in the headlights and he pulled one over on 52% of the country. He had an agenda to get elected that has been his entire agenda for years and actually creating and implementing public policy is foreign to him. Now the media will likely try and spin his being clueless and refer to it as being prudent. He seems like a very nice and bright young man but he definitely has no idea what is going on with the economy or what to do to get the country in the right direction. He sold "change" to the American people but he has yet to figure out he will do. The media gave him a free pass and it is showing now.

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