Thursday, October 30, 2008

Citi gets 10 billion-raises rates on credit cards to 26%

I am dreaming or delirioius? I am so out of touch. I thought there were laws against loan sharking but evidently the government sanctions this sort of things these days. They give 10 billion to poor citi so the can do their part to help the economy and help fuel a recovery because it would be such a tragidy if Citi were to fail. I say they deserve to fail if they can't make it when they fleece the consumer with 26 % interest rates. Evidently credit card companies have no checks or balances on how badly they gouge customers. Now I know that these poor banks could not be expected to make money charging these ridiculous rates. I wonder which congressman is sleeping with the head of city in order to allow them to pillage America? Now it sure seems like the government is bending over backwards, or actually bending over forward, to help the poor, struggling banks and the banks just continue to ask for hand outs while the steel from their customers. The Home Depot credit card has a normally 21 % interest rate which should be illegal but to up it to 26 % with a letter saying take it or leave it proves that Americans have just been fleeced in the greatest scam in government history. The banks are getting handouts in order to stay in the business of ripping off consumers and the government just keep handing over the money. The money they are getting was to get the credit system moving again but today we found that the very bankers that nearly collapsed the entire world economic system are set to get bonuses nearly the exact amount of government bailout. We have been fleeced, pants, bent over, flim flamed, and bamboozled all at once. Politics as usual?

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