Monday, August 22, 2011

Corrupt White House? Surprise Surprise

It is of little surprise that the Obama administration is taking sides with the bank in order to wash away all the sins committed in the mortgage fraud scandal.  Yves Smith called the Obama Administration "corrupt" today on her blog Naked Capitalism.  I agree with her 100% but I would add a question to her statement. 
Who isn't corrupt in Washington or in any branch of the state governments today?  I think getting into power either bring out the criminal in all those who are elected or it corrupts even the honest people.  I don't know the answer but there is no shortage of criminals in government today. 
What we have seen in the past few years has been a travesty.  The freedom to life, work and prosper in the United States of America has been pillage by the politicians who are in bed with the banks.  It is a disgusting time in politics for everyone and we will see that nothing will change the way of politics.  The new parties will bet  the same as the old parties and the gap between the haves and the have nots will continue to widen until we are living in a world of rich and poor. 
Those who have sought bower have taken it with the intention of confiscating as much of it as necessary to make the country fall apart.  It blows me away that people are not more outraged at what has happened to our financial system.  We have witnessed the most brazen and egregious transfer of wealth in the history of the world and our PRESIDENT, thinks it is OK.  He is not in jeopardy of ever having to work for a living and his book deals made him an instant millionaire after doing absolutely nothing extraordinary in micro biologyhis life until he become president.  Of course it is now clear that he was no more qualified to be president than a college student studying micro biology.  

The fat cats on Wall Street and the politicians have rolled a giant snowball to the side of the hill and it is ready to go over the edge.  Once it starts it will be too late for anything to be done.  This wrecking ball will get bigger and bigger until it is unstoppable.  The banks will have re-written the books on how to get away with the crime of the century and the biggest chapter will be on properly screwing as many citizens as you can because the government elites will always go where they think the money for their next election will be most abundant.  Of course that is with the to big to fail banks and the Washington power brokers. 

What have we been hearing the past 4 years or so?   That therecession is contained, it is over, we are growing again, jobs are picking up, the economy is coming back, never count out the American economy etc etc....
what has happened?  Banks have held the country hostage waiting for the government to give them another get out of jail free card for their hand in the mortgage crisis.  The government is giving free money to the banks so they can sit on all of their capital and make millions of dollars risk free by investing in treasury bonds.   They pay O percent to the government so any return they get is complete profit.  We are stuck with putting money in  savings or checking account to ensure liquidity.   It is a stroke of luck if we make 2% on either account and of course real estate is still declining and the stock market is again becoming an elitist game that is dictated by high frequency trading as the removal of the uptick law has taken stock trading off the list of jobs were the common man could make it big in America.  Now that real estate is gone from that list there isn't much left for the individual. Real estate and stocks were available to everyone even if they had very little money to start.  Now they are off the table which leaves anyone who want to create a wealthy lifestyle searching for a starting place. 

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