Friday, August 12, 2011

Fools still blaming the people bank screwing

Video on housing recovery.  This guy says no full recovery until housing recovery but he also sounds like he is completely clueless on what really happened and how the issues will get resolved.  He again refers to moral hazard when asked as to whether or not the banks should be modifying mortgages.  The moral hazard issue went out the window as soon as the banks were bailed out so that is complete BS.  Another fool on tape here as he says you can't reward "deadbeats" because other people have paid all along....This guy is a complete D bag and obviously is in the pocket of someone!  If you are that stupid to think that the banks didn't screw the entire country while making huge profits on the backs of the middle class and the tax payer you are simpleton.  But what else do you expect. The government is failing the people as the banks are working on a reach around for Obama.  We have gotten hosed royally and they are all getting away with it. 

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