Sunday, November 11, 2012

Consider It Sold Las Vegas: 10 Truths about Las Vegas Real Estate

Here is an article written about the 10 truths of Las Vegas real estate.  The real estate market has been in recovery according to the media and pundits.  We have yet to see a real recovery starting in the south west and we may be setting things up for another bubble and crash in the next few years.  a

It is hard to tell just how much the market manipulation was related to the recent election or if it just is a sign of the time.  There seems to be little concern from the White House regarding the massive housing problem still dragging down the United States economy.  There has been a lot of tough talk regarding actions being taken to hold those accountable for the housing meltdown but little to nothing has been done.  We have been 5 years along into this recovery and the housing market is still being manipulated by the same people who brought it down in the first place.

The housing market will never be as valuable to middle America if the takeover from Wall Street is not stopped.  The government has allowed the golden goose of the American economy to be taken over by Wall Street institutions and players.  Until real estate is given back to little guy, our housing market will be in danger of continually running a bubble/crash cycle every few years.

Read the article linked below to find out more about the Las Vegas real estate market and the future of housing. 
Consider It Sold Las Vegas: 10 Truths about Las Vegas Real Estate:   I was listening to a radio show on Las Vegas real estate last night hosted by a Las Vegas real estate broker.  What I heard seemed to v...

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