Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Is Middle America missing the point of OWS?

This is an example of how simple some people are when it comes to Wall Street and Big Business.

I heard a caller on a talk radio show come on the air and express her anger of the OWS protests because according to her these people OWS were not able to survive in life and be put out into the woods and told to survive for 3 days.  She said this was what they needed because they were protesting because they wanted something for nothing.  She also went on to say that the top executives or the large corporations were there because they earned it and worked every single job at that company to work their way up for the ground floor.  She said they started with nothing and now deserve their salary. 

I am shocked more and more by the stupidity of the American Public.  (SEE MORE HERE) Evidently this woman doesn’t understand the reality that the majority of CEO types are Harvard Business School graduates and they have never worked a real job a day in their life.  The majority of Harvard Business School or other elite Ivy League schools are the feeding ground for the top companies on Wall Street.  The students don’t get into these top business schools because they are under privileged or lower class.  They are from pedigree that makes a different on the way of Wall Street.  There is no surprises were these people come from and once they get into the network they never have to leave.  You can see all the CEO’s that have failed miserable to only get picked up with another company weeks later for another huge salary.  It is ridiculous how uninformed people are about the reality of the oligarchs running the system. 

The self righteous are so proud of what they have done but they forget times have changed and circumstances are different than they were 20 years ago when you had a more realistic chance to pull yourself up from your boot straps.  Hard work does mean something but it means little if we are not living in an economic system that provides enough equal opportunity for all, not just the oligarchs. 

This is so typical, however, of the previous generation’s ignorance to their surroundings.  They spent their earning years caring little about how the country was being overtaking by the political elite, that our country was failing to defend its people and that the media was bought and paid for much the same way politicians are today.  Now that people are unhappy with the legacy left behind, those who left it behind now think it is their right to boast about how they made it with no help so everyone else can do it too.  What they fail to realize is that starting out fresh out of college or looking for a fresh new career is not affording the opportunity that was available 20 years ago. 

I have worked very hard all my life. I never expected anything for free and started with nothing.  I didn’t even have a car to use to get to work.  I spent 15 years working 70 and 80 hours a week to get ahead and finally thought I had gotten some where when I had build up a nice real estate portfolio that was to be my future and my retirement.  I never bought with no money down and always put 20 and 30% down on my loans.  I invested millions of dollars in property and improvements to provide quality living conditions for hundreds of people.  I always re invested what I earned and in 2003 and 2004 I put over 700,000 of my earnings in to property as down payments.  It was all wiped out within 3 years.
Now all of you self righteous assholes tell me what you would do if you lost that much of your income and retirement fund.  What would you be doing now if you lost your business? What would you do if that was the only thing you ever knew how to do or wanted to do?  What would you be doing this had happened and your skills did not translate in to job offers when you wanted to go back into the work force.  What would you do when you had no unemployment?  What would you do when you entire safety net was wiped out by the fraudulent banking activity and the Wall Street criminal behavior?  What would you do when no longer had health insurance?  Speak up now assholes because until you have to go through a realistic situation you are just full of it. 

I am so sick of you commenting on something you know nothing about and that you are afraid to say anything because you are worried you will be talking against capitalism and free markets.  Well assholes we don’t have a free market and we have not a free market for years.  The only thing now is that it is even worse that it was 10 years ago and the economy and government has become an oligarchy.   The next time you want to spout off with your self-righteous drivel think about this for a moment.  Think about the people that have lost everything thanks to the rampant fraud in the banking system.  Think about all the millions of dollars paid in salaries and bonuses to those who created this system that was designed to fail to screw everyone but an elite few.  Then open your mouth and tell me I want something for nothing or that I don’t know what it is like to work hard. 

Better yet, instead of being a mouth piece for stupidity when don’t you open your eyes to reality and see that you are blinded by your own hubris.  Get over yourself and see that the system has changed and we are not getting the opportunities to put our talents and hard work into a business or job.  Try seeing things through someone elses' eyes for once and stop being a self absorbed jack ass.  Open your eyes before you ruin it for your grand kids.  You are already half way there. 

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