Thursday, October 20, 2011

Michael Savage and talk radio bash OWS to save corporate sponsorship?

Sorry Michael Savage you have gotten it wrong this time.

Michael Savage claims to be a man of the people and a man that believes in the principals of the USA and
complains of being banned from Britain.  He milks this story for publicity when no one really cares if he is banned from anywhere.  Even though he is a very popular radio show host with opinions that I often agree with, he is not representative of American principals on the subject of OWS.  At first he seemed to have some empathy for the movement but quickly turned against it claiming it was a vast left wing conspiracy being run by the likes of George Soros and the Keebler Elves working behind the scenes at the White House.

It should come to no surprise, however, that the vast majority of conservative talk radio has been overtly critical of OWS.  It is funny that they claim to be all about the Bill of Rights when it is protecting their ability to put their drivel over the airways but when it comes to the protesting of the masses they immediately turn tail and run.  The logical question is why?

Why would these "defenders" of the Constitution be so opposed to peaceful protests by those who believe they are being screwed over by the systemic dismantling of the American Economy and they obliteration of the Free Market Capitalist System?

Could it be their own Greed?  There insatiable narcissistic hunger to be the only voice in  America?  Could it be that they are equally as bought and paid for by corporate America much like the current President and Congress? Or could it be that they are just far to insulated  from the real world?

Of course this is up for debate and many loyal talk radio show followers will never question their Radio Show Gods and the hosts seem to revel in this treatment.  But it is rather unfortunate that all of those naysayers, the self righteous cohort that still believes we are living in the 70's and 80's when there was far more opportunity to pull yourself up from our bootstraps, is missing the boat.

Free speech in America has given rise to the narcissist that is becoming the most sought after personality type in the entertainment industry.  What used to be a mechanism for debate and an important factor in amplifying the voice of the minority is now just a marketing pulpit for the self serving and self absorbed.  How else could you value your opinion so much?  The Talk Radio genre has become on more corporate are that has set out to push the agenda of who has the biggest mouth.  A free advertisement for pedaling opinions and products of the radio show hosts.

Does anyone think these "best selling" authors would be successful enough to have belling books on multiple occasions without being able to self promote freely on a daily basis?  I doubt it. 

It is unfortunate that Savage and his contemporaries can not fathom what it is like to be in someones shoes other than their own.  The majority of people that are in support of OWS are hard working, devoted and loyal Americans who feel let down by our government and abused by the Too Big To Fail Banks, and swindled by politicians.  It is not hard to see if you just pay attention.

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