Saturday, October 29, 2011

Market Chaos, status quo and government failure

Everyday I am more surprised at how gullible Americans have become regarding our economy system.  I just saw an article about a young woman who joined with the Occupy Wall Street Group telling her story of how she has been denied life saving treatment from her insurance company due to a preexisting condition.  Of course many people have commented on the article since this is such a controversial subject but at the heart of the matter is the "free market capitalist" system. 

The government has let the system get out of control by relying on the typical economic theories that live and breath inside of college textbooks but make no sense in reality.  The market does not level itself through free market trading or free enterprise.  The people who claim that is does are the ones that have the unfair advantage in an unregulated economy.  The invisible hand notion is complete bull shit.  The market itself will never find its equilibrium if left on its own.  The role of government is to level the playing field so the market is constantly level for participants.  The idea that government can let the free market offer opportunity to everyone is complete absurd.  The fact that money does not spread and trickle down into the economy the way free market pimps say it does is an idea for the simpletons. 

The fact that the average stock market trade is held for only 7 seconds and is driven by computer programs should open the eyes of most people.  However, those in power love the Status Quo because they continually benefit from the hypnotized masses believing that we are in the Free market economy that will be 100% efficient and provide access to everyone. 

In one sense, the assumption that there will eventually move towards equilibrium is typical of the kind of circular arguments of which economists are so fond. Balance is implied in the transactional structures. Balance sheets have to, well, balance; assets must match liabilities. Prices must reflect some sort of balance between supply and demand. That is what a price is. Debts must be repaid from income. And so on. In the artificial rules of finance, equilibrium is implicit. FROM Naked Capitalism

The insurance companies work in this environment where they are allowed to exploit people in order to make billions of dollars in profit and then declare bankruptcy if a natural disaster hits, or deny claims based on certain technical issues of a health care policy.  So left unregulated you see oil companies and insurance companies making billions of dollars in profits per quarter.  Now is this the free market finding it equalibrium or is it the free market finding its natural balance to be very top heavy?

Well if there is a reason for people to pay $4.00 a gallon for gasoline when oil companies are making record profits I would like to be informed of it.   And is it the free market system that is in balance that allows health care companies to profit in the billions as well while paying out millions in bonuses and salaries while denying lifesaving coverage due to preexisting condition?  Is it the system that is in natural balance that punishes people for losing their insurance by not allowing them coverage due to preexisting conditions rules that can now be enforced due to a lapse in coverage? 

There is nothing wrong with profits but the government needs to monitor the system to ensure people are not being exploited by unfair advantages of the large corporations.  Or that the system gives simple rules of exclusion to large companies because someone loses their job.  There has to be a way for insurance companies to profit and still not have the lame excuse of preexisting conditions just because someone has a lapse in coverage for a few months or a year.  It is with in the regulatory power to change the law that doesn't not allow for preexisting exclusions because someone has lost coverage for a short time or even a several months.  Why should they be allowed to punish someone for losing their insurance that they had paid for many years, only to lose the benefits they need and then be offered less coverage?  It is a shame and it is shameful for the politicians on capital hill to let it go on while they claim they are for the people. 

Profit is one thing and profiteering is another.  The system is not set up and run by those who benefit from the very lopsided natural unbalance of the markets and unfettered capitalism.  The government has failed its people the past 20 plus years.  The country is asleep and the media, especially the righteous talk radio bunch, total miss the point of the OWS protests.  They "smart" people on radio are not as bright as they claim. 

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