Monday, September 29, 2008

Courage needed in Washington

We have a failure of leadership in the congress. We elect officials to use their judgement to do what is right for the country during their stay on the hill. We are not in a democracy that allows all of us to vote on every issue. The current congressional leaders are clearly trying react to voters before they act for the good of the country. They lack the courage to stand up and say what they truly believe and risk not being re-elected. Those who voted no today on the bailout bill sited numerous phone calls saying to vote not because people don't want to bail out wall street. The election is close at hand so care is being taken to actually pay attention to voter feedback but the reality is that we elect "representatives" that are supposed to do what they think is right during their term. Our checks and balances come at election time and if those in congress act in any other way they are just being puppets. They are puppets for one side and then puppets for the other side to try and get as many votes as possible. The failure of leadership reinforces the assumption that these so called "leaders" have no integrity. Today man revealed their true character and their true purpose. The character is weak and the purpose is re election. Neither of those things have anything to do with serving the American people or doing what is right for our country.

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