Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Leadership by the presidential candidates?

Obama was definitely caught by surprise today when McCain said he was halting his campaign and heading back to Washington until the financial crisis was resolved. It was such a lame response from him and his staff that revealed their shock. They said that a president should be able to do to things at once. I have never heard a more ridiculous answer. He is still a senator remember. He needs to get himself back to Washington and do his job in time of crisis. He still is getting paid the 160,000 to be a senator and he says he is not going back when the country is facing it worst financial crisis in history. How presidential. I don't think so. It is clear that he care more about speeches and running for president than he cares about being a lawmaker or senator. He is revealing his true intentions and feelings. He never intended to be a senator and he never intended to do his job when it was crunch time if it meant it would take him away from his all important campaign. It will be a travesty if this man is elected president. He has been orchestrating every move for years in order to try and run for president. He gives speech that have little substance and he gets people enthused by spouting off about change but he is the farthest thing from change. He is a puppet and he has been grooming himself for a run for president nothing more nothing less. His legislative career has been thin at best and his give of oration has allowed him to fool nearly half of the American public so far. The left wing media, which I know is redundant, are enthralled with him blinded by his charm and rhetoric. Being president is not about being charming or being able to speak well. Those two things might help but the job is about leadership and strength and Obama show us all again today that he is lacking in both categories. He seems like a very nice man and I am sure he is rather charming but he is not the right man for the job. Someday he may be but that day is not today. McCain stood up today and too the bull by the horns and showed up where his priorities lie. He wanted to be back in Washington to help resolve this major problem. Obama wanted to campaign and debate. It was as if it was throwing a wrench in his plans to actually have to do his current job. He didn't think this one through very well and decided it would behoove him to get intopower struggle instead of just saying "hey good idea, lets get back to Washington and help out, and hit the campaign after the crisis is averted." It would have been simple and would have not left the impression of a another self absorbed politcian. McCain will score points for his courage to take action and for his offer for McCain to join him but Obama missed the opportunity to score a few points himself. McCain showed us all something today. All of us who actually want to see a true leader in the oval office. He made the call and put his country, his constituents, and all Americans ahead of a presidential campaign. Obama didn't want to be a part of the solution. McCain showed leadership and integrity. Obama did not. Who was more presidential?

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