Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Top Ten things that could help the economy 1. builders stop building 2. congress stop talking and posturing for votes 3. People everywhere- Our economy is not a cash based economy. It can't function without credit. You would not have had the ability to work and live as well if we lived solely on a cash basis. Get over it and except the fact that we can only thrive if business is growing, paying and hiring. 4. Bad credit has a different definition than credit. Raise your hand if you paid cash for you house, car and kitchen remodel. Ok let me see that is .........1 person, 2 maybe oh wait ok you were just swatting a fly right? 5. Let the Smart guys do their job. IE Ben Bernake and Hank Paulson. Stop wasting their time with your none sense and own up to the fact that you never saw this crisis coming and that you have little clue what is going on and you think the best way to get votes is to blame everyone else for your ineptitude. 6. Middle America-realize that now your life savings is in jeopardy, if we let this go on and more and more banks fail, economy tanks and we have a depression the FDIC will not be able to meet their obligations. If you have paid off your home and thought it would rely on it in times of need by selling, refinancing or using an emergency line of credit you will suffer the most. 7. Decoupling-remember last year when the rage was that the world would not be affected by the USA housing crisis and that we had decoupled from world markets? Well that wasn't exactly true just as the message is being bantered by congress that wall street doesn't effect main street isn't true either. Main street is in trouble. 8. Realize just how much is added to the economy for every one loan a bank gives out to the public. One particular housing sale may play a part in 20 or 30 people's paycheck at minimum. The normal level of transactions pumps unlimited sources of funds into the market place and we all benefit. 9. There are people who have ran small businesses based on real estate purchases and selling and or rental property. They have done nothing wrong. They have not speculated in order to make a quick buck, they have not bought property with no money down, nor have they tried to manipulate the system. They have done a great service to the economy by taking on the risks involved with rental property and provided quality affordable housing to people who choose or rent. They have paid thousands of dollars for repairs, maintenance, taxes, insurance, utilities and accounting. Many of them are now stuck in the middle of this mess. They are no longer able to raise capital to fund day to day and month to month operations. Even with substantial down payments some real estate will not cash flow enough to pay for a new heating and cooling unit or new roof especially if rental rates decline. This in turn can affect the housing market by allowing needed repairs to be delayed in turn keeping money from returning to economy from the purchase and installation of items. 10. blaming the administration solves nothing, and the truth is that this issue started back in Clinton years when the bills was signed allowing investment banks and commercial holding banks begin to trade assets and derivatives. Try to keep up with times and stop trying to fool the public into voting for you. Blaming someone for a problem this massive is insane. There is plenty of blame for everyone on both sides.

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