Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The fine line between lying and ceo confidence

I know that it is easy for most people to assume that when a CEO of a major corporation announces with conviction that everything is ok with the company or that they are going to resolve their issues in the next quarter etc are just blowing smoke but a case can be made that they may actually believe their statment. It could be called over confidence, delustional or just a strong degree of self efficacy that ususally has lead these head honchos to there position at the top in the first place. Most highly successful people have overcome great obstacles and challenges to get ahead. The personality traits of these people is often very similar in nature and once of the most common is extreme self confidence coupled with determination. The confidence can lead to hubris over time but it also can turn into a deep seeded belief that they can overcome any challenge is none too large for them to tackle. I know that people are often to quick to judge a person as arrogant or egotistical when they fail big after facing what appeared to be insurmountable odds. They may have held out until the last possible moment before they had to submit and they often will leave with the belief that if they had more time they would figure out how to turn things around. Of course this still could be seen as hubris. I am throwing out possibility that the origin of this "self-confidence" can be from blatant disregard for shareholders or it can come from the belief that the CEO can get the job done and that their is no way the can fail. Either way it can lead to some major credibility issues but for everyone one major corporate meltdown their is likely 100 battles won with this determination and confidence. They were just not front page news. This is just a different spin, something to think about while flogging your favorite CEO.

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