Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is Msnbc now run by the democratic party?

Msnbc has completely lost any sense of balance in regards to its political reporting. They are completely in the tank. Chris Mathews is in love with Barack Obama and practically drools when he talks about him and he made some sickening reference that he felt a tingle running up his leg when he heard Obama speak. Hey having your opinion is fine but try to have some journalistic integrity. It is completely absurd and as if they didn't have enough left wing palavering they add the Maddow show. Hello. Hello. Didn't they get the memo that said Air America made no money and had no listeners? Thankfully David Gregory has a reputation as a journalist and is likely not willing to ruin his reputation by following the shameful precedent set by Mathews and Oberlman. Maybe the bosses at Msnbc are starting to see the light and don't want to be in the dark when it comes to ratings. If they want to have an op ed channel they have the right but please don't try and pretend it is remotely close to journalism.

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