Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Barney Frank is a true congressman

Barney Frank says they congress is repsonsible for better mortgages now.  Now he says we need more rental housing after a few years ago he said everyone should own a home.  He is lying through his teeth.  I have heard his quote regarding the need for more affordable home financing to get more people into their own homes.  Now he is saying just the opposite, claiming the Dodd Frank bill has made great strides carting a stronger mortgae market. 

He is pushing for the dismantlining of fannie and freddie when was one of their strongest proponen for the continuted purchasing of mortgages by the government a few yeas ago.

One would think that with the constant monitoring of what people say and microphones every where that congress would be held accountable for what they say and promote in the past.  However, those in the house and the senate are still getting away with talking out of both sides of their mouth.  It is ridiculous. 

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