Monday, February 21, 2011

Woman pays off mortgage, finds herself in default -

This is just one more example of the incompetent servicers for Bank of America and how they are willing to do everything wrong until someone calls them on it. A paid off mortgage results in default notice in Chicago. It has taken several months for the home owner to get to the bottom of things and her credit has yet to be cleaned up after the wrongful notice.

The United States Congress continues to set by on their hands letting the banks dictate policy. Why? The only reason seems to be that big money trumps the citizens in a democratic republic every time.
Washington has now become a patsy. No one in the Entire Congress has the stones to stand up and call Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and CitiBank on their horrible, fraudulent behavior. Senators and house representatives are now just talking head with no teeth, beholden to the elites who have finally figured out how to transfer nearly all of the middle class wealth to those at the big banks and with the strongest ties to Washington. Our country is so far removed from what was intended in our constitution it is actually become frightening.

The criminals responsible for our current recession are still running their companies. The icing on the cake is now they are all becoming part of the administration.

I am wondering where all the free market republicans are now because they are very silent. For the CEO of GE to become part of the President's staff without a peep from anyone on the left or the right, shows just how far we have fallen.

Are we expected to take this for the rest of our lives? For the people and by the people is long gone. Now get busy building up your nest egg for your retirement in 10 years. But don't forget wherever you place your retirement, even if it is under your mattress, Wall Street and Washington will figure out a way to take it from you and give to the wealthiest. It won't matter if it is illegal or not, they will throw the Bernie Madoffs in jail to set an example while the biggest liars and criminals continue to hold office and run the biggest companies.

Our government has failed us. The biggest entity of them all that should be the only one that is too big to fail has failed us all. And the new blood in DC is just as bought and paid for as the old.

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