Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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Make big money in penny stocks today

Climate op eds at WSJ accurate?

Food prices squeezing certain income groups -business insider

Betting on Foreclosures may have proven to be a mistake. 
David J. Stern may be the best-known beneficiary of the foreclosure boom, having made millions in recent years from evictions processed by his law firm, the largest of its kind in Florida. But when he took part of his firm public early last year, he had plenty of help from a constellation of investors also looking to cash in on people losing their homes.

Bloomberg tests Meredith Whitney's muni bond collapse hypothesis
They are claim it is unsubstantiated and she claims she just "knows" there are problems but can't prove them yet.  This is a tough call after going through what we saw with the sub prime issues.  We had several years of MSM claiming there was no problem in real estate and they were backed up by the fed and Wall Street.  Can not help but wonder if we are seeing the same propaganda campaign that led us into the real estate depression. 

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