Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fraud being uncovered in some states regarding foreclosures and big banks

  from FDN web site

This month, FDN attorneys have been successful in both Oregon and New Jersey in compelling, by court Order and over objection of the “bank’s” attorneys, the production of PSAs, trust formation documents, trust prospectuses, and documents as to the alleged authority of MERS. FDN attorneys Jeff Barnes, Esq. and Philip Anderson, Esq. in Oregon, and Jeff Barnes, Esq. and Michael Jacobson, Esq. in New Jersey, have obtained court rulings compelling this critical discovery. In other cases where Mr. Barnes was able to obtain this discovery by court order, it has been revealed that the purported assignment to a trust years after the trust closed violated the very requirements of Mortgage Loan Conveyance provisions of the PSA. Thus and in conformity with Weisband, the loan never made it into the trust. The resultant lack of standing, lack of chain of title, and lack of real party in interest issues are scheduled to be argued by Mr. Barnes before various courts in February, and a trustee in a bankruptcy case in Mississippi has filed an adversary proceeding based on evidence that the purported assignment of the loan, which was done years after the trust closed, was ineffective as it violated the restrictions of the PSA.

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