Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bove and Cramer sipping cheap scotch

How many times have you heard Dick Bove saying the banks were not in trouble and the banks are doing well? Everyday maybe for the past 3 months. Hopefully he won't turn out to be another Cramer now that Bank of American has ruined his thesis. If he does a Cramer he will come out and say "oh I meant to say the depositors were OK and their money was safe, not shareholders" Cross you fingers. The world does not need another Jim Cramer. Holy buckets batman never thought anyone could every be as bad as Cramer "one of the greatest minds" (in his own mind of course) on wall street. Looks like all the face time Bove is getting for figuring out the financial system was a mess (oh yeh shocker there) is making him a little dizzy.

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