Sunday, October 5, 2008

worthy or unworthy? Who Decides?

The problem of people deserving money or not is misleading as well. How can a project be funded when the bank goes under? How can the borrower maintain credit and timely payments on obligations when the bank fails? This is the beginning of another cycle: the downward spiral of credit reports and personal and company credit. It just starts with one and the pricing for funds goes up exponentially if a business is left hanging do to a bank failure. They are then expected to pay much higher costs for funds and it constricts their margins. They cycle continues. It is extremely simplistic for the Wall Street brains and pundits to say this crisis occurred because people bought property they couldn't afford. It is arrogant and childish as well because those so call irresponsible buyers could likely have sold their home in time of need at a break even price if Wall Street would not have sold, resold, and resold the underlying assets while taking their cut each time. Wall Street has used the American mortgagee for their profit and now they are trying to blame the person who tried to buy a home for the going market price. WAKE up people!!!!!! I am not at all for government intervention or bigger government but it is clear Wall Street behaves like unsupervised children in a candy store. Wall Street just happens to be in a money store instead and they can't or won't supervise themselves and the entire country has to pay for it. The bailout is really irrelevant because the people holding real estate are now expecting to pay 100 cents on the dollar for their mortgage while Wall Street is getting away with paying 25 cents on the dollar. It is a load of crap and one more twit that comes on TV trying to blame irresponsibility of the American consumer as the reason for a housing collapse needs to get smacked into reality. The only bubble left is the one in the head of most people on wall street and those mouths on TV that have proven by missing this entire market demise, that they are as much gullible as guru. Yet they are all so smart. How does that happen?????

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