Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Did you say live without credit?

Dave Ramsey is becoming a preacher more than advisor these days. A popular TV show and high rating doesn't mean that your views represent that of most of Americans. 100,000 hits to your website means that 100,000 out of about 2.8 billion people are with you. This is a very small percentage of the country and for anyone to get on national TV and say that all Americans are mad about the bailout plan is misleading and delusional. It smacks of unfettered self promotion and arrogance than of a fair representation of the facts. We have enough wrong information out for the public to sort through with out having the media trying to act as the pied piper in order to get viewers over the edge with them. FYI Just because you have a forum does not mean you represent the population. Actors and Musicians please take note here. Hollywood please take not here. Politicians please take note here. Just because you have a mic in your face or a camera turned on in front of you DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE A CLUE AS TO WHAT IS THE REAL DESIRES OR FEELINGS OF MOST OF AMERICANS. Politicians are drawing only about 1/2 of the voting population and they they are only getting half them to agree with them. How in any way does that represent America?????? Now if you had a hit TV show or successful record means you have no idea what "all" or the majority of America is thinking and for you to think otherwise is complete hubris and arrogance. America has been mesmerized by the media now for years and it has become a forum for bull shit. Excuse the expression but it fits. Anyone who comes on TV and speaks with conviction can garner a following resembling Jim Jones and rhetoric becomes the poison kool-aid. Anyone who does have a forum owes it to everyone else to put some realistic checks and balances on what they say. Lose the delusion that you are representative of the majority and lose the arrogance that you have all the answers. I know it is is tough to not think so highly of your own opinions when you fall for the pseudo guru status the networks banter about in order to create buzz and ratings but be one of the few who can be realistic, honest and thoughtful of the propensity for people to follow those with the loudest voice. It is your duty with your forum to stop adding to the nonsense and use your loud voice to to the right thing not just do something.

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