Monday, October 6, 2008

Mortgage relief from Bank of America/Countrywide. (Amazing the speed of settlement after the house passed 700 billion) . The banks are holding the country hostage and taking everyone for all they are worth. They can change terms of credit midstream and can hoard money until they know the coast is clear while taking advantage of government bailout funds. It is disgusting. Wonder how many people could have survived the past month if they would have known things were going to change with their mortgage?OK sounds great, how are they going to decide where the money goes? Funny how we didn't hear until 700 billion was passed and coincidently an agreement is reach with BOA....Oh yeh and funny "the 700" legilation includes a clause that allows banks to not honor exclusitivity agreements. IE Citi and WellsCall me crazy but feels more and more like everyone exept the government and the big banks are getting screwed without even being taken to dinner.

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