Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Attorney's scam the mediation system ripping off clients repeatedly

Attorney's seem to think they are smarter than everyone. I have not hired an attorney that lived up to their BS. This real estate meltdown is just another way for incompetent lawyers to take advantage of people who come to them expecting them to do something. It is a major scam because the lawyers from the banks come to mediation with no intention of doing anything and the majority of client lawyers just show up and do nothing more than mail a few documents.

Instead of doing their job, by looking at files and finding out if they can help a client during the consultation they gladly take 2500 and never speak to the client again until 5 minutes before their appearance and they then start lowering expectations by telling the client there is no chance at a modification.

There are thousands of cases exactly like this and the only reason lawyers get away with it it because they pretend being a lawyer is so difficult and that it takes some special genius to pass the bar exam.  This is complete propaganda and lawyers love it because they can charge ridiculous fees for simple cases that involve little or no law.  Often times a pro se defendant knows the case way better than their lawyer and cares a lot more too.  We have seen Nevada create a money farm for lawyers representing people in modification as they score thousands of dollars and most have never ever gotten a loan modification for their client.

How can I say this?  Well look at the numbers of loan modifications and then look at the number of people who have forked over 2500 to a lawyer who knows they will never do what it takes to get the job done.  It is a scam and the banks are in on it too. 
I have lost respect for 90% of the lawyers involved in real estate because they are taking advantage of a state mandated mediation process. They are doing mediation and they are representing clients, getting paid to do both and they lie from both sides of their mouth.
Lawyers are a lot like bankers and stock traders. They have created some mystic that they use to try and keep the people from realizing they are criminals and that being a lawyers takes no more brains that being a school teacher and in a lot of cases probably less.
We can see that our current president is a perfect example that law school is not a predictor of intelligence. From the looks of Washington it is a better predictor of narcissism and arrogance.
If you are ethical, and if you are doing your job, more power to you. The reality is that attorney's charge way too much for way to little with absolutely no accountability. they can totally suck and lose a case but they still get paid.
Does that sound Familiar? Bankers had the same freedom to totally suck and still get paid, still get bailed out by the taxpayer and still get million dollar bonuses after screwing the entire country.

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  1. It is becoming apparent that many companies and individuals are using the mediation process as a stalling tactic in order to bide their time and hopefully persuade the opposing party to come to an agreement that is one sided.

    Unfortunate, but true.

    Jean Smith
    ADR Researcher

  2. I think you are right but I also think it is a money making scam/or should I say gift given my the state to lawyers who are taking advantage of the system and falsely claiming that a non resolution is considered a victory. Attorneys have no accountability to their clients and are not held accountable by the states as they pillage people who are in dire straits. Typically to the tune of 2800 or more and they spend an hour or two at the most on the case.

    The arbitration system is hurting homeowners and it is fattening up the lawyers while giving the banks more cover for committing fraud. It is very sad I agree, but it is the truth .


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