Friday, March 4, 2011

Democracy, Free Market? Not Here thank you congress

I don't think there is any question that free markets and democracy are more fantasy than reality. There is no free market even in "democracy" when the representatives of the people are criminals themselves. The lust for power and money drives politicians and they have no concept of the real world. Our economy is no more a free market than was the Soviet Union in the 1970's.  Our congress sits back and watches banksters collapse our economy and then hand them a key to the federal reserve, leaving homeowners the only party to to take major losses.  The politicians and banksters thought it was convenient to make the middle class suffer the losses so they all could live high off the hog. Examples:  Jamie Dimon ridiculous multi million dollar salary, V Pandit still in charge of city, the revolving door at Wells.....the Country Wide BOA scham ....etc

We have been dooped by the politicians again. what ever HAPPENED TO THE NEW BLOOD coming

 into congress that would clean up the system and hold the banks accountable?
Oh sorry forgot we can never believe a bit of dither coming out of the mouth's of those on the hill.

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