Thursday, March 17, 2011

Double Dip in Action? Banksters and Politicians collude to wipe out Middle class American Dream

 Read this comment on Naked Capitalism from Yesterday
Says a lot about what is actually going on in the country.  We have lost control of the country and it is no longer for the people.  We have created a new state that is for and by the banksters.  There is no way around it when you see the banks fictionalizing accounting and refusing to market their assets to market as the continue to throw homeowners under the bus. 

Terrible thing is no thinking individual now expects either the Democrat or Republican politicians to provide any feasible solutions to the economic problems since they’re all seem to be in thrall to the bankers who know diddly squat. It’s like you’re best option is to turn into Rip Van Winkle and take a 100 year nap and hope people will come to their senses during that period! Zzzzzzzz…….

I agree 100%.  What I find hard to believe is how many people actually think the politicians are going to help them or that the wall street elites are not trying this very moment to create another ponzi scheme so they can pillage and exploit the American people again and then as the tax payer for another bailout just as they have always done in the past.  I am so sick of seeing the general population be bitched slapped by the banksters and the congress who is sleeping with them.  We have allowed the American Dream to be destroyed as everyone has become hypnotized by wealth and fame.  Everyone thinks instant fame is better than anything and don't really care that working hard and doing the right things are no longer the way to wealth in America.   Crime certainly has paid well for banksters and politicians and now lawyers who have gotten in on the act pretending to be loan modification experts  so they can take advantage of un suspection home owners  with ridiculous fees and lies about their success ratios.  All this is being done with government blessing and the powers that be have even created a system that allows banksters and lawyers to conclude to rape the public.  The Nevada mediation system is rampant with lawyer and bankster abuse that all comes back to costing the homeowners thousands of dollars with no viable work out plans to stay in their homes. 

We are seeing the complete rape of the middle class in a America and the annihilation of the American Dream and the destruction of hundreds of years of precedent regarding home ownership and chain of title recording. 


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