Saturday, March 19, 2011

Government is failing the people by ignoring property law

It won't be title insurers because they will cave in if the banks are given a free pass. If the government twists their arm they will fold and insure everything just like they always have for a fee and then try to fight against any claims that happen later. They will have a huge fund set up to use to fight claims and a fund set up to pay claims. Just like a regular insurance company, they will delay and fight to not pay and when they get in over their heads they will come to the congress for a bailout. Congress will again fold and hand over billions thinking that they can't risk upsetting banks and mistakenly thinking they are saving the financial system as they kick home owners and property rights law one more time.

The government has failed the people horribly. It is not the America our fore fathers fought to establish. We are being dictated to by big money, big government, corporate lobby and a president so enamored with himself that he is afraid to do the right thing because his elitist lifestyle has made him unable to defy big money. They are his peeps. He has no idea what the real world is like and it is obvious by his behavior. I have seen no politician from either party really step up and stand up for the little guy or middle class Americans.

The transgressions can not be downplayed and for anyone in government to allow banking institutions to put the sacred rights of home ownerships and title chain has completely lost their sense of direction. We are once again powerless over large government as it runs out of control with the banks. If the system is so screwed up that no one will be able to prove they have ownership of property unless the current laws are thrown out the window---as they have done in Minnesota------we are no longer pretending to be a democratic republic and the lies will not hold. It is government for the government and banks, by the government and banks. We are people with no voice to be abused by the powers that be as they create huge gaps between rich and poor. They are killing any chance at the American dream not be getting involved but by standing back and stamping approvals on criminal and fraudulent activity.

I am getting more sick of it every day.

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