Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where is the American Dream Now?

 I think there is no such thing as Main stream media, that actually covers the views of the main stream or main street anymore.  Everything is beholden to big money. I saw only one thing left for the little guy create some nice wealth starting from nothing....in real estate, and now the tbtf banks and the government has managed to screw the American dream into the dirt.  But for some reason only a few people seem to give rip or even comprehend how much of a cash grab this entire meltdown has been......I am 44 and never thought I would see such blatant elitism and such great efforts to un level the already un level playing field.  They have to leave something for the middle class.  Something were people can have faith that hard work and persistence can get you the American Dream.  Anyone who has seen their real estate investments crushed-especially in vegas- by 60 % or more will have a hard time seeing any free market opportunity left.  Where does the little guy go?  Certainly not the stock market that is being manipulated more and more every year by the big money.  the one golden goose that was good for everyone is now gone, pillaged by Wall Street and TBTF banks.  Where is there a Field left where someone can start with nothing and get wealthy with very little cash out of pocket?  Real Estate was it, now buying a rental will be like getting your teeth pulled in your kitchen with a pair of pliers.....it won't easy and it probably will get messy.

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