Tuesday, March 22, 2011

US government turning into corruption machine

We are seeing it more and more everyday.  The government is becoming a virtual cesspool for criminal activity.  The current adminstration is behaving more like an organized crime ring that a government for the people by the people and of the people.  The Adminstration, along with banksters, seem unconcerned about any shady or underhanded activity.  It is as if they know they have immunity for anything they do to stick it to the American Middle class. 

Everyday they get more and more brazen.  Evidently they are lost in their own elitist world and beleive they can get a way with anything these days.  America voted in change they could believe in with the smooth talker who has never been a leader, never been challenged and extremely inexperienced.  We have seen lack of leadership and lack of direction since day one.  As we were suffering catastrophic job loss Obama pushed hard on health care instead of getting jobs for suffering people.  Whether you are for or against health care reform, it has to be a back seat to growing the economy and giving people jobs. 

Both the Republicans and democrats succeeding in destroying the American Dream of millions of Americans.  But that was not enough because now they are working on destroying the American dream for future generations and quite possibly for good. 

Here is a blurb from the full story at Naked Capitalism.  See below for link to the site. 
"Sleaze Watch:
NY Fed Official Responsible for AIG Loans Joins AIG As AIG Pushes Sweetheart Repurchase to NY Fed

The corruption in high places is getting more and more brazen with every passing day. The only thing that separates the US from conventional banana republic status is that no one leaves keys to new luxury cars on the desks of officials to secure their cooperation. It’s just not enough of an inducement to get anyone to take action.
Masaccio at FireDogLake was suitably outraged at this spectacle of a regulator getting a job with the biggest lobbying group in the industry he regulates…..and staying in his current oversight role:"
READ More on the Government Sleeze Factor Here at Naked Capitalism


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