Monday, March 14, 2011

BofA Offers to Help Fix Mortgages...If You're a State Legislator - DailyFinance

BofA offers to help fix mortgages for legislators...If You're a State Legislator  you are in the clear- DailyFinance

This is a great story that tells us a lot about just how the system works.  The banks have bought the politicians and have gone on a campaign to convince congress they are doing something by giving special treatment to congress members and their families.  I have to say it is a good move by the banks because they are working the system that loves to be worked.  However, it is a perfect example as to why all the homeowner complaints fall on deaf ears in Washington.  The people in congress want the special treatment because most of them are egotistical self absorbed power hungry people that easily justify the special treatment.  It is just another way to slap taxpayers in the face. 

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