Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Banks need to reduce loan balances


The majority of loans have been picked up for pennies on the dollar with government and tax payer funds being used….the funds that were to remove toxic assets from balance sheets so we could avoid the additional drop in real estate.

IF you want free market then take back all the bailout money and then talk about not forcing banks to do anything. When taxpayers rescue the banks the banks should be given a few guidelines and requirements. I am sick of the free market BS that also is for the banks and traders to pillage every part of the economy with no recourse. We don’t have a free market and the government has failed us in its duty to at least protect the citizens against repeated rape by the financial institutions.

The banks are above the law and until someone lays down the law on them they will forever be taking our money whenever they create some new crap system that makes them billions and ruins the economy for 10 years. Once again congress will cave and the banks will laugh all the way to vault. So the banks need direction and if you want to see it as forced so be it but they have ruined many a retirement fund and college funds while making obscene profits.

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