Monday, March 21, 2011

Wow Obama true to his words. War Monger. oh wait he didn't say that did he?

The Obama lies.  How he fooled so many voters. 

The country has become so shallow, What in the world would have led anyone to think Obama was qualified to be President? This is why we have so many liars and swindlers in Washington. Americans are tone deaf to criminals in three piece suits. The same reason people think it is ok for the banksters to still be running their companies, spending bailout funds on complete BS and ending up in the Administration as their next stop.

Neither party is better than the other, they are all self serving hacks. Being in Congress is a good GIG......I am sure not one of them ever cracks their wallet to pay for as much as a cup of coffee during their term.

We are seeing it so clearly now. First Obama schmoozed he way into the white house with absolutely no credentials, no business knowledge and a very limited if not down right stupid view on foreign policy.

And the joke that was the midterm elections that were again another call for change and now they all swim in the same cesspool.

If people don't wake up and snap out of their enjoyment of being screwed there is no chance for the little guy because the free market or even something close to a free market has been wiped out. It is a shame.

We see the biggest banks getting bigger, bitch slapping congress and Obama into submission.  We are a bank state with a more similarities with a dictatorial government than a true free market. 

I am all for free markets, however, if the American people are the only ones expected to pay the cost of the failings of the elites then I am not on that train.  We have seen Americans devastated, demoralized and left to support the bank bailout as they lose their jobs and take pay cuts.  It is disgusting.  

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