Monday, September 19, 2011

40 million dollar sucker punch by Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather suckered punched his way to 40 million dollars Saturday Night.  What a joke.  Boxing is ridiculous.  For one fighter who isn't even holding the title belt to get paid 40 million dollars while the title holder Victor Ortiz gets paid 2.5 million shows that money is boxing.  There is nothing else to boxing except for self enamored fighters trying to cash in on huge paydays whether they win fairly, lose fairly or win by landing a cheap shot. 

The referee Joe Cortez should be the one who gets fired, not the HBO announcer Larry Marchant, whom Floyd Mayweather wanted to fight after the "so called win".  Cortez never saw the punches that knocked out Ortiz but he jumped in for the 8 count without a moments hesitation.  He made the wrong call and he blew the fight.  He stopped the fight earlier in the round and he had not signaled for the fight to re start but they let a knockout stand.  There is no way Mayweather should get the belt or the payday for this fight and it should not be given to him until a rematch.  He will get his payday because it is in the contract he signed but he should not get the belt.  He didn't win the fight.  He punched a guy out when the fight was in time out and it should be treated just as knocking someone out after the bell would be treated.  It would not count, there would be no standing 8 count and the fight would have continued. 

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