Thursday, September 29, 2011

Role of Family as a social security? Can it help during a recession?

"I have been reading some interesting and startling statistics lately that have to do with the wide ranging affects of the current economic crisis. Considering this few truths that have recently been published:
Increase rate of suicide since the onset of the economic collapse.
Increased rate of head trauma child abuse cases recorded in US emergency rooms since the onset of the economic collapse.
Will we ever be able to account for the true affects of the economic collapse and the length of the current recession. (I understand statistically the government says we are out of recession but realistically we have never recovered from the 2007-2008 meltdown). This thought brings me to the speculation the break down of the family and they family structure is in part the cause for such dramatic increases in the child abuse and suicide rates. Of course it is my opinion, but it is easy to make a case that the negative effects of economic disaster could be mitigated by a loving and supportive family structure. My hypothesis is that the previous generation had taken to heart that everything would always be fantastic and that their was not chance of a devastating recession/depression and that their number one goal was to take care of themselves because their children would have far more opportunity for success than was the case during their working life time."
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