Saturday, September 17, 2011

The referee did a horrible job after head but in ortiz mayweather

Disappointed  in the outcome the crowd is booing and it was a horrible job by the referee.  Floyd wants to fight with Larry, the interviewer from HBO.

This fight should not have been called the ref never signaled for the boxers to fight and the ref should have been in the middle of the boxers and never let them near each other and the fight was won with a sucker punch and the knock out should not have counted. 

Victor Ortiz was losing the fight and his head but was a result of his aggression and excitement. He was penalized for that conduct but the referee turned his back on the fighters and should have penalized Mayweather for the cheap shot before the referee told the boxers to box.

When the referee calls for the fighters to break and calls for a time out.  The fight does not start until the referee brings them back together and says to start boxing again.  Ortiz was apologizing for the head but while the referee was telling the officials to deduct a points from the score card.  It was an illegal punch that should not have counted and it was done out of anger and childish behavior of Mayweather but the biggest person at fault is the referee.  He should have stopped the fight and penalized Mayweather for the cheap shots and allowed Ortiz to shake off the punches.  It was terrible for the people at the fight and those watching at home because it was not a knock out, or a TKO.  It was an illegal shot that should not have counted.  The referee mistakenly just jumped in and started to count out Ortiz who was not even looking when Mayweather took his cheap shot and landed a left and then a direct right to the face that nearly knocked Ortiz cold.  But it doesn't take much to know a defenseless person out cold.  Ortiz was still waiting for the ref to say to start fighting again when he was punched twice.

It was weak.  I can't believe they can get away with that crap.  Floyd Mayweather didn't do anything for his popularity tonight.  I gave him the benefit of the doubt and respected his record but this was not the fight of a champion and it was not a victory regardless of what the officials say.  The fans were ripped off.

Victor Ortiz was wrong for head butting but he was penalized for it.  Mayweather should have been penalized for the cheap shots while the referee was looking the other way.

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