Monday, September 19, 2011

Mayweather Oritiz fight seems worse after thinking it over

I am still in a bit of shock after watching the Mayweather Ortiz fight last night.  It was like watching a completely staged WWE fight where the referee is made out to look like a fool.  The cheap shots by Mayweather that were clearly not seen by the ref should not have lead to the stoppage of the fight unless it was to award the fight to Ortiz.  The ref made the signal for a time out with his hands and made it very clear the fight was stopped.  Mayweather was taking cheap shots while the ref wasn't looking and it was seen clearly as he looked toward the ref before he landed the first left and then the straight right to the face of a completely defenseless Ortiz.  The ref did not tell the fighters to continue with the fight, the fight was stopped and the referee looked like a puppet when he turned and started the 8 count when fight was still on time out.  Ortiz didn't deserve to go out this way even after the head butt.  It was a foolish thing for him to do but it didn't hurt Mayweather badly and certainly would not have had an effect on the fight. 
This was a fight that will go down as one more of boxing infamous moments that had so tarnished the reputation of the sport.  The boxing commission should take the win away from Mayweather and at least call it a draw.  It was not a win and it was not an official fight.  It was just starting to shape into a reasonable fight after the first 3 rounds but the sucker punches from Mayweather did not reveal a true champion. 

Boxing has become more spectacle than profession and it is all about the money.  Mayweather should not have gotten paid for that fight and he should have been fined for not following the referees orders and hitting a defenseless fighter.  The type of injuries that cause severe concussions and brain injuries are even more likely to happen when someone is completely defenseless while being blindsided by their opponent.  It is a shame all around.  I know the boxers got paid, the referee got paid, HBO got paid but the fans got screwed as did the entire sport of boxing. 

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