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You are a genius

How to find out where your area of genius lies?

Everyone has something that they are great at doing.  Everyone has something in side of them that is their genius.  Many people might even have more than one thing that they are excellent at doing.  The challenge for us is to find out what our particular genius is so we can use it to your advantage. 

How to find out where your area of genius lies? 

What makes you feel the very best when you are doing it? 

What makes you feel the most valuable as a person? 

What comes easy to you? 
A better question is what seems like it comes easy to you?  Something that you are excellent at but it seems like you always knew how to perform or don’t really remember the countless hours you spent perfecting this activity?

Have people ever told you that you were natural at something or that you make something that is typically difficult look extremely easy? 

These are the clues to look for when you begin the process of uncovering your genius. 
If you believe that your genius is something that will not allow you to make a living then you can start doing more of it in your free time.  If it truly is your passion you will want to begin taking some of your paycheck and making investments that will help you do more of what you love later in life. 

Finding your genius is more art than science.  The process can be different for everyone and some people are able to make a living in a field that is perfect for their particular genius.  Often we are so unaware what is our genius that it may take several years to come to the right conclusion.  This is why it is advisable to go slowly and explore your areas of interest by asking some of the questions that have been listed here.  It is not realistic for some people to just quit their job and start exploring what they love to do.  This is especially true if you have a family and need to provide for them.  Finding your genius will be your second priority.  The process will be something you can treat as a hobby while you figure out the thing you are meant to do. 
If you don’t think you are doing what is your true genius and what you really want to do would not allow you to make a living, you can start now to plan your future so one day you can happily do exactly what you want to do every day of the week.  This is not necessarily retirement either.  You don’t have to wait for retirement to do what would make you most happy. 

The school of fish still has a leader.  You have a choice to be a leader or a follower no matter where you are at this moment. 

Learning to think independently and being able to come to your very own conclusions about your values and your beliefs is one of the things you have to do to become a person of integrity.  You can not go through life living by someone else’s values and still have integrity. 
The biggest challenge is to become independent from your parents.  Parents can help or hinder this process but it doesn’t matter because you have to take it upon yourself to initiate your independence in thought.  It has little to do with distance either.  It might help but sometimes parent’s instill their values so deeply that it can take years to develop you own identity, even if you live thousands of miles away. 

This is how you become you.  Of course you have an identity but the real you has yet to come out when you are living by someone else’s values.  For you to be the person you want to be and experience true joy and happiness in life you have to go through this “soul searching” and the discomfort of questioning the values you were taught. 

Learn the basic principles of psychology

The Example of heating repair man being near 40 years old and just first learning about anxiety after going to see the doctor about shortness of breath…….I admire him for being so open about it and that is certainly not the norm. Most people if they are told this by the doctor would never mention it to anyone let alone a complete stranger.
There is so much to learn from knowing human psychology that can speed your growth process.  Anxiety can be a clue to something that is in your subconscious that your soul is letting you know it is time to uncover the root cause. 
It can save you years of torment and misery if you learn to notice the subtle hints from your subconscious before they become an anxiety attack.  And if anyone has ever suffered from an anxiety attack they can attest to the fact that noticing the more subtle cues would be much less problematic. 

The problem with people lies in there tendency to deny these subtle cues from the subconscious.  This is one thing that will stunt your growth and development severely and if you want to virtually stop your growth and development learn to medicate against these clues with alcohol and or drugs.  Then you will be fighting yourself all the time.  You true self will be crying to get out and you will be pushing it back down with harder and harder with every beer. 
This is not the road less traveled by when you reach the fork in the woods.  The majority of people will do just about anything to deny their true inner feelings.  Often they are so fear producing that people will completely numb themselves on a daily basis with their daily poison.  It is so common that most people think it is just normal living.  It just depends on what your definition of normal is these days. 

Don’t waste time with the radio 
Make drive time learning time.  You have hundreds of hours in your car that you can use for learning.  Many highly successful people never put their radio on in their car.  They are continually listening to books on tapes, typically non fiction and often biographies of great people.  There are thousands of great books and excellent motivational and learning materials available on CD or tape for you to listen to while doing other activities. 
Learn in the Gym
Learn around the house.
I used to have rule when I was selling real estate: When I was in my car during working hours I would not listen to the radio.  I would listen to motivational or educational material or Spanish CD to improve my language skills.  I heard this on one of the tapes I had and it was some of the greatest advice ever.  I still spend many hours in my car and I am always listening to something new or reviewing older material so I can keep my attitude in good shape. 
It takes constant maintenance program to keep a positive attitude or to keep the weeds of the mind from growing back into your flower beds.  If you don’t consciously keep filling your mind with positive information and continually working on your self esteem with affirmations to install new ways of thinking into your psyche you will soon be back to the old negative habits.  

Be willing to work for free

Yes this was not a misprint.  I am so amazed at how many people can not get beyond the first minute of a conversation without asking what they get paid.  If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with someone who can teach you great things about what you want to learn, be willing to do it for nothing. 

You will always get rewarded in the long run and this is an amazingly accelerated way to increase your knowledge and understanding in the field in which you wish to excel.  Don’t be fooled by the people who “demand” to be paid before they prove there worth.  You will be compensated very well when you be come good and even become great at what you do but in the beginning you have to pay your dues.  You have to be willing to do this and it is likely you won’t have to work for free, but you should be willing to do whatever it takes to get the experience and knowledge you need. 

Get good at something
The best question to ask yourself right now what are your standards for work when no one is watching or holding you accountable.   Do you cut corners? Do you slide by and want to get home early and watch TV?  Do you conveniently forget to finish jobs when the boss is not there to check up on you?  Do you just do poor work to make it to payday?  If you answered yes to any of these questions you are in need of a major attitude make over. These habits, and that is what they are habits, will lead you into a live of misery and dissatisfaction.  You have to have the will to get good, get better and continue to improve.  If you do not you will be passed by like the house beside the road.  Everyone else who wants to be successful and is willing to work hard and do the best they can will just blow by you. 
I already know exactly what you will say too, ten years later when you are wondering why you are still struggling to get by and here it is:  “Why can’t I get ahead?  It just seems like I am getting the ball rolling and then I fall behind.  What is the problem?” The reason I know why you will say this is because I have heard it many times.  It comes out of people’s mouths who want to get more than they are putting out.  They want to get paid before payday.  They want advance pay before the finish the job.  They want heat before the go chop the tree down and cut the wood into pieces and put them onto the fire.  This will never work.  You will reap what you sow and if you do lousy work and put forth a lousy effort, you will get a lousy result.  When you have someone employ you then don’t want to have to baby sit you.  If they did they might as well open up a day care center because adults that need baby sitting are not much different than kids that need baby sitting.  The kids are supposed to be playing and being watched and taking naps after lunch.  The adults are supposed to producing for their paycheck and working hard to improve there service and contribution to the world.  They are being trusted to do the job even when the boss is not there.  The problem is that only a very small percentage of people will do the job to requirements if no one is watching.  This leads to one sob story after another.  They think if they can do it well for the boss to see that should be enough for the promotion or the raise.  Maybe it will be for a while but it will always catch up with them and they will eventually just look foolish.  They will then just become another disgruntled person who seems to think anyone who is ahead of them in life started out ahead of them.  They will never think to change their behavior or attitude but they will be constantly trying to ride on the coat tails of anyone who comes rolling along and rolls right on past them. 
I hired a handy man for time to help with repairs and maintenance and I gave him a lot of freedom to run his own schedule and to do his work.  He would say the same things I mentioned before about getting ahead and was always asking to do a project or purchase of property “together”.  However, with in a very short time I started to notice that he was not willing to work very hard and only wanted jobs that were easy and could be done quickly.  He was always reluctant to take on more jobs or even to work and improve to get better if the job involved extra work. 

The best example was tiling.  Tiling is hard work and it is heavy and the supplies needed to put in tile are all heavy.  It is a big job just getting the material to the job site even before you start laying tile.  It is hard, hard work for anyone, but it can be a nice paycheck and it is in demand for apartment owners because of the ease of maintenance.  This particular handyman had his number one excuse that he wasn’t very good at it.  The reality was though that it was just more work than he was willing to do even if he could make more money by becoming very good at it.  The willingness to put forth the effort was just not there.  After a while I stopped using him for other things as well because he was always cutting corners and taking the easy road instead of doing high quality work. I was happy to not have to deal with his negative attitude as well. 

Pay check mentality. 
There is also another infliction that holds people back that can be referred to pay check mentality.  It describes those people who can only envision working for a paycheck.  They envision going to the bank with their check, written by someone else, and cashing it every other Friday.  They can not fathom the idea of making something happen in life to create their own payday.  They become victims of the “having a job” culture and will never understand what it is like to not have a paycheck.

In order to create more wealth people need to learn to understand the idea of really “making money”.  They often miss out on the very important principal of success of how to make your money work for you.  If you have the paycheck from your job and you start investing it into appreciating assets you will eventually not have to work for a pay check any more.

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