Saturday, September 10, 2011

Finding your Genius in Today's Economy

You are a genius

How to find out where your area of genius lies?

Everyone has something that they are great at doing.  Everyone has something inside of them that is their genius.  Many people might even have more than one thing that they are excellent at doing.  The challenge for everyone is to find out what our particular genius is so we can use it to their advantage. 

How to find out where your area of genius lies? 

Here are a few questions to ask that may help you find your passion.  

  • What makes you feel the very best when you are doing it? 

  • What makes you feel the most valuable as a person? 
  • What comes easy to you? 
  • A better question is what seems like it comes easy to you? 
    • That one something that you are excellent at but it seems like you always knew how to perform or don’t really remember the countless hours you spent perfecting this activity?
Listen to feed back from those who know you well.  This might be family members, spouse, or co-workers but it has to be someone that doesn't just think they know you.  The people you trust and open up to most will know you best. 
  • Have people ever told you that you were natural at something or that you make something that is typically difficult look extremely easy?  
  • Do you recall doing something as a child that would engage your mind for hours? 

These are the clues to look for when you begin the process of uncovering your genius.  

Finding your genius is more art than science.  The process can be different for everyone and some people are able to make a living in a field that is perfect for their particular genius.  Often we are so unaware what is our genius that it may take several years to come to the right conclusion.  This is why it is advisable to go slowly and explore your areas of interest by asking some of the questions that have been listed here.   

It may not realistic for some people to just quit their job and start exploring what they love to do.  This is especially true if you have a family and need to provide for them.  Finding your genius will be your second priority.  The process will be something you can treat as a hobby while you figure out the thing you are meant to do.
If you don’t think you are doing what is your true genius or what you really want to do would not allow you to make a living, you can start now to plan your future so one day you can happily do exactly what you want to do every day of the week.  This is not necessarily retirement either.  You don’t have to wait for retirement to do what would make you most happy.  The reality in today's economy is that their are many new doors opening in terms of income generation so before you write off the idea of doing what you love for a living you can spend a little time exploring the new options. The world wide web is providing many new ways to earn income while allowing for people to find more creative means of employment.   

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