Friday, September 2, 2011

Dumb things bloggers say

Dumb things bloggers say This is a great story of what could have been in the mortgage banking scandal. It also shows just how much the government has been turned over to the elite among us. It is so clear that all the politicians are bought and paid for by the mortgage banking institutions and Wall Street. How else could we see so much criminal behavior going unpunished. This article refers to the obvious when he talks about convictions on the way for CountryWide and that they were the new Enron. The only difference was that what happened in the mortgage business was so much worse and affected millions more lives than than did Enron. It is hard to believe that there is no justice being done and that soon all will be forgiven when they are all give a mulligan after wiping out the entire housing industry in the United States. The administration needs to come clean and own up the the fact that they are going to let all the crimes of the banking industry slide under the rug or they need to do something. It seems like they are now posturing for the next election rather than addressing the issues.

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