Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shocker: Power demand from US homes is falling - CenturyLink™

Interesting that the demand for electricity is actually on the decline and has been for some time now. The utility companies have been increasing rates based on demand for years knowing that they were actually seeing the demand for power leveling off. It is one more way for the monopolies to generate huge profits for their executives. Just as we are seeing gas prices stay stubbornly high as demand drops dramatically, the same is happening with electricity. In Nevada the power company has raised rates 5 times in the past 7 years to the tune of 40% increases in power bills, yet demand has dropped off the cliff. It is now more knife in the heart of our free market system that used to be based on supply and demand. Now it is based on manipulation and information control by the government and large corporations. The government is being bought off by the corporate money from the banks, utilities and the uber wealthy. The only resistance of any significant can be seen on a few well written blogs on the internet such as or subprimeshakeout and a few conservative radio shows. It is true that have been undergoing a radical change in the philosophy of our country. What we formerly believed to be "free market capitalism" has turned into a manipulated system that benefits corporate America and their executives while allowing them to influence the government to act in their favor. The new system is in place but it is not that new. It is has been taking over our economy for years using the term "capitalism" as cover for a more state/corporate run financial system. We are no longer in a "free market" system and we have not been for several years and it will not change. It is part of the evolution of a capitalist economy and democratic government. Those that obtain power are the ones who seek it. The also begin to realize that they are the beneficiaries of the economic shift toward a more corporate influenced government. Those that are in power come from powerful corporate positions more often than they come from the family farm. The corporate culture has an allure to those who benefit from the massive wealth created for executives that is more than just about money. The corporate elites know that they will be bailed out repeatedly if they can get a big enough piece of the economic pie that will give them the scare tactic leverage card to play. We have seen it with major banks. Several banks closed or were taken over by the government and some were swallowed up by other banks. Trillions were handed to other financial institutions because of the fear factor. The selling of the too big to fail notion could not be more anti capitalist. However, all we ever hear from the corporate machine is that we have to have a free market but they want everyone else to pay for their mistakes. They are getting away with it daily and we have elected officials, including Obama, who sanction this type of activity. All of this has gone on for years but it has now been highlighted by the economic meltdown and they failure of the government to protect the citizens of the country. It is up to all of us as individuals to figure out how to survive and excel in this new type of economy. It is really not going to do much good to rage against this new machine. People are not desperate enough to revolt and it is likely they will not be anytime soon. It is up to us to deal with the new reality that is all about corporate criminality and government turning over power to these corporations. What is the next step for the average American in this economy? I don't think anyone really knows yet. The reality of rising power rates continuing as demand for power is dropping is showing the reality of our current system. Shocker: Power demand from US homes is falling - CenturyLink™

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