Sunday, September 25, 2011

Catastrophic Success | The Big Picture

Catastrophic Success | The Big Picture What is the truth about Social Security? The truth is that it was set up with the hope that people would never live long enough to collect. The government set up the program to go into effect for retired persons that was several years after the life expectancy. So over the years as we have been brainwashed into believing this was the benevolent hand of government looking out for the citizens of the country, we were really being tricked into willing paying one more excessive tax that could be used for the outrageous government spending. If nothing good has come from this recession, which it is hard to say if anything has and it seems that it has all been bad, at least we are learning just how corrupt and criminal the government is and just how it has teamed with Wall Street to line the pockets of those in government and the large corporate execs. The Big Picture founder has tried to call Social Security an insurance program but he is way off base. This article explains why very well. The government had no intention paying out in social security payments. The system was set up for people to be dead and buried by the time they were of age to collect or they would at the most collect for a year or two. The government has been balancing its image as for the American people because we have had a long time of relative prosperity with a few recessions along the way. However, the corruption on Wall Street and the corruption in the government created a system that was destined to implode. It is now impossible to pay social security when the life span of Americans is nearing 80. The original plan for Social Security could not sustain any payments in theory so how in the world will it be able to sustain 20 plus years of payouts even with a massive tax increase? It CAN'T ! For anyone who doesn't think their will be major losses in Social Security benefits you might want to re read the Big Picture Article and read this post again as well. One more thing to add. Social Security is not just a retirement subsidy, there are many social security needs of people who are disabled or have injuries that have kept them from earning a living without paying into the system for more than a few years if at all. The truth once again is that Social Security is a scam. It is just another tax that has been disguised as a social aid. We are seeing just how taken we have been over the past 40 years now that the we are in crisis and have a government that is top heavy with elites and the wealthy. The even bigger problem is that the power of government seems to corrupt those who claim to want to make changes.

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