Monday, September 19, 2011

Study: Child abuse increased as economy crashed - Health -

The financial meltdown is felt in all aspects of daily life. This is a startling finding regarding an increase in traumatic injuries due to child abuse since the beginning of the recession. It is one more factor that reveals how devastating stress can be on the lives of human beings.

The article (read it here) from yesterday that showed the video of the nurse spokeswoman appealing for more help for those on the wrong end of the global scam to redistribute income to the wealthy. She was detailing many of the stress related illnesses and explaining how much worse people are when they wait too long to see a doctor because they can not afford to pay.

This article (on the increase in child abuse cases) is one more financial stress related statistic that is another horrible result of recession. I know the facts that the Wall Street players and the Too Big to Fail Banks that profited exponentially by causing trillions of dollars evaporate from the accounts of the middle class was not enough for anyone to be punished criminally but the more details that are revealed overtime show just how truly devastating this meltdown has been on human life. Our government has failed us completely as they have done nothing set an example for players of the next financial crisis. It is now all about the election and more rhetoric that will be full of promises of how great change is on the way but nothing will happen. If the government was interested in doing what was right for the community rather than only what will make themselves wealthy and lead to re election they would have not allowed the players who orchestrated the current crisis to go on working, collecting millions in salary and face no criminal charges. What I don't understand is why are executives from Enron still in prison for what they did when it was a fraction of the damage done by the banksters. It is sad to see the far reaching affects of the meltdown even in child abuse statistics. It definitely is time to move forward but our system is based on faith and trust. People invest money in good faith, trusting they are not investing in a Ponzi Scheme and that the government is going to see to it that the criminal activity and corruption is held to a minimum. However, what we have seen recently is that the government is really in on the criminal activity and corruption. If those who abused their power and freedom during the mortgage and banking crisis are not punished it will be clear that the government has lost control of the financial system. It will be a clear indication the fox really is guarding the hen house and doing so with the government blessing. Here is the link to the story on the increased rate of child abuse during the recession. Study: Child abuse increased as economy crashed - Health -

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